The secret to a great night's sleep

Can you hear the Tiger Mums roar? The best parenting starts with a good night’s sleep

Our resident sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan shares her top tips to make the most of your child's sleep routine.

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When it comes to parenting, should we have a 'no messing' and 'success focused' tiger mum  approach to our kids? This is a subject of much debate. While some mums will argue they arejust giving their children goals and aspirations, others believe it can be counterproductive and 'pushy' - leaving children unhappy and stunted.

We at Silentnight want the best from your little ones, and for us the roar of any parent starts in the bedroom! With mums constantly having to juggle work and raising a family, we believe a good night's sleep is the first step to ensure your child is on a healthy and productive path in life.

As the social pressure builds on parents to be 'super mums,' and the UK Government weighs in with the promise of parenting lessons for all British families, our sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan argues we could increase the health and development for our kids if we simply focused on improving their bed time routines. 

We all want our children to make the most of the academic and social challenges the day as in store, therefore Dr Nerina argues a good night's kip will boost alertness, memory and performance.

National Sleep Foundation recommends up to 18 hours sleep for a zero to two month-old baby, with toddlers needing around  12 to 14 hours to ensure their development. If your child is slightly older and heading towards adolescence, sleep is still vital, with 10 to 11-year-olds needing an estimated 11 hours sleep per night. 

Here Dr Nerina tells us her top tips for getting the most out of your child's nights sleep!

 1. Tick-tock, stick to the clock: A child's routine is so important - a routine and peaceful lead up to bedtime will help them get into the pattern of good sleep. This routine will train the mind to switch off and is something they will take with them into later life. So make bedtime the same time every night

 2. Turn off the telly: Make bedtime a positive and relaxing experience without TV or videos. In fact, ban all tech from your child's bedroom! 

 3. Keep calm and relax: Save your child's favourite relaxing, non-stimulating activities until last and have them occur in the child's bedroom. Give your child their favourite toy, dummy (if they use one) or comforter before settling into bed.

4. Bath, book, bed: Simple things like bathing your children, reading them a bed time story and making sure the room is a comfortable temperature are key to getting a good night's sleep.

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