The secret to a great night's sleep

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As the world continues to advance and technology evolves further, we find ourselves surrounded by smartphones, tablets, internet access, even wearable tech. But it seems it is causing us to sleep less than our ancestors, according to research.

Woman And Tech 

Electric light, which glows from these tech devices, is being blamed for depriving modern society of sleep, according to an online article for the Journal of Biological Rhythms. The research compared the sleeping patterns of two tribal communities in a remote part of northeast Argentina. One with electricity and one without, showing that those without electricity got on average one hour of sleep more than villagers with.


Our resident sleep expert, Dr Nerina, recommends keeping tech out of the bedroom to encourage a good night's sleep. With 75% of people in the UK not getting a good night's sleep, Dr Nerina tells us to avoid checking emails or social media accounts 90 minutes before going to bed.


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Source: Journal of Biological Rhythms



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