The secret to a great night's sleep

Sleep News July 2015

Sleep news that Silentnight reported on in July 2015

Keep forgetting things? Sleep on it - A good night’s kip boosts your memory capacity

It looks like a good night's shut-eye not only keeps those dark circles at bay, but also keeps your memory sharp. Doubling your power to remember, research from the university of Exeter has found sleep is the key to last minute swotting.

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It’s time to turn off our phones at night time

It seems our very own sleep expert Dr Nerina is not alone when advising of the dangers of tech in the bedroom.

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Silentnight teams up with Lancashire County Cricket Club

We are very proud to announce that we are one of Lancashire County Cricket Club's key corporate sponsors for the 2015 season!

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Silentnight and Barnoldswick Town FC celebrate a decade of partnership

We are pleased to announce that our sponsorship of Barnoldswick Town FC will be extended again for this year's season - making it our tenth year of partnership!

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Lack of sleep affects how we read people

New research from the University of California-Berkeley shows that our judgement to read facial expressions is impaired with not enough sleep. Sleep deprived study participants were less able to accurately assess facial expressions than when they had a full night's rest, the research found.

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Olympic athlete visits Silentnight HQ

In honour of all the hard work carried out by our amazing Silentnight employees, Olympic athlete, Jo Pavey, rewarded workers this week as she paid a visit to the Silentnight Headquarters, based in Barnoldswick.

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At Silentnight, we know the secret to a great night’s sleep

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