The secret to a great night's sleep

Sleep News February 2015

Sleep news that Silentnight reported on in February 2015

Is your sleep tracking app keeping you awake at night?

One tip from Silentnight sleep expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, for getting a good night's sleep is to minimise tech in the bedroom, so we weren't surprised when new research out today found that sleep tracking apps and devices may be fuelling insomnia in some people. Experts at the Sleep Health Foundation found that those who don't understand that normal sleep involves lots of brief awakenings may be especially at risk.

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Why lack of sleep can affect your skin

New research by Witch Skincare has found that a lack of sleep not only affects our appetite, energy and concentration levels, but also directly linked to our skin health.

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Today’s news on sleep…

A study out today, covered in The Times and the Independent amongst other national newspapers, indicates that people who sleep more than 8 hours a night can have a higher risk of suffering from a stroke. However experts are currently unsure whether oversleeping is a  cause or a symptom.

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Meditation makes for a peaceful night’s sleep

Here at Silentnight we are big advocates of resting at intervals throughout the day, so we were delighted to see the details of a recent clinical trial that highlighted the importance of meditation and sleep, published in The New York Times this week.

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Daytime napping to stop at the age of two?

Children who have an afternoon nap over the age of two don't get a good quality sleep at night according to new research reported by the Daily Mail, but the NHS disagrees.

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How to sleep like a genius

Part of Margaret Thatcher's formidable reputation was down to how little she slept. The former Prime Minister was believed to get by on just four hours of sleep each night and she was not the only one.

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