The secret to a great night's sleep

Morning people leave millions of Brits grumpy

Good Morning? Not for millions of Brits. One in four people find those who are bright and chirpy in the morning maddingly annoying.

Not everyone is pleased to face a cheery smile and over-enthusiastic wave from early-bird friends and colleagues, according to new research by Silentnight.

The study found that Briton's traditional grumpiness - characterised by TV's Victor Meldrew - is at its height in the morning and anyone who bucks that trend is frowned upon.

The poll of 2,000 people that found more than one in four (27 per cent) find so-called 'morning people' annoying or irritating because they are so cheery at the start of the day.

They include those who have adopted Americanisms, such as 'Have a nice day', to overfamiliar staff in coffee shops who insist on calling customers by their first names.

Nearly one in three Britons (29 per cent) admitted they are far from good company first thing in the day.

A grumpy 21 per cent went further by saying "everyone knows not to talk to me in the morning".

The study found a combination of poor sleeping habits and new technology was making people miserable in the morning.

Eight per cent of those questioned say they are regularly late for work in the morning as they struggle to get out of bed on time.

Factors which combine to make people grumpy include getting ready in the dark, dealing with children and forgetting possessions as they rush out the door. Nearly one in five people write a to-do list each night to ensure they do not forget anything during the hectic morning rush.

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