The secret to a great night's sleep

Sleep News November 2014

3 top tips to nap better

In an ideal world we would all be able to take time out of our busy day and recharge with a much needed nap. Dr. Sara Mednick, a sleep researcher and author, has some key strategies to improve your nap as well as your health in the process, in today's Huffington Post.


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How to beat jet lag

Jet lag… the only downside of travelling to exotic, far away places. It can ruin the start of your trip and completely throw you off when you return home. Luckily a collection of sleep researchers have come up with helpful tips of how to beat it. 


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Sleeping naked is good for you

A new international study by the U.S National Sleep Foundation has found that one in three adults sleep in the nude, and it's been shown to have all sorts of benefits. 

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Dr Nerina: A recipe for a happy and healthy lifestyle

To achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle, with regular, restful sleep, diet and nutrition is essential to firstly establish and secondly maintain a positive wellbeing.

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How sleep improves memory

Almost a century after the discovery that sleep helps us remember things, scientists are now beginning to understand why. The Society for Neuroscience has discovered that it comes down to the active chemicals in your brain, while you are asleep.


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You're not sleeping as much as you think you are

Most of us aren't sleeping as much as we think we are, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders. Most people lie in bed for 7 hours but are only actually sleeping for 5 or 6 due to a lack of 'sleep efficiency'. 

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