The secret to a great night's sleep

E-books 'damage sleep and health,' doctors warn

According to a report out this week, if you curl up with an e-book for a bedtime read then you are damaging your sleep and maybe even your health too. 

Reading in bed

A team from Harvard Medical School compared reading paper books and light-emitting e-readers before sleep. They found it took longer to get to sleep with the light-emitting e-reader, thus affecting the quality of our sleep. 

Sleep deficiency has been shown to increase the risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. 

As an organisation focussed on ensuring you get a great night's sleep, Silentnight strongly advises turning the tech off in bed. Our resident sleep expert Dr Nerina says: "Our bodies are programmed by an internal body clock that uses light to tell the time. The blue light emitted by many electronic devices, such as mobile phones and e-readers disrupt the body clock and slow the production of the essential sleep hormone melatonin."

Do you have trouble dropping off? Visit Dr Nerina's toolkit for sleep tips.


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