The secret to a great night's sleep

Does your sleep style affect your relationship?

Do you like to cuddle before going to sleep or do you need your own space to drift off? Quality time is crucial to any relationship and that doesn't end when you are asleep, according to a feature today from Shape.




Your bed-sharing behaviour plays a certain role in your relationship. From how close you lay your heads together to the minutes you spend cuddling; how you sleep next to your partner could be an indicator of how happy and healthy you two will be. Here are three study-backed ways your sleep style affects your love life.


Cozy Cues 

The closer you sleep to your partner, the happier you are with your romantic situation, found a UK study by psychiatrist Samuel Dunkell earlier this year. The key is the distance between couples. According to the study of 1,100 people, partners who sleep less than an inch apart are far more likely to be happy together than those maintaining a gap wider than 30 inches. 

As the physical space between people increased, so did their relationship woes, the study found. If you spoon after lights out but then retreat to separate sides of the bed, that's no reason to worry, as the findings were a result of looking at the space between couples when they first went to bed, not during the night.

The Break Up

Although the majority of couples sleep together, research from Canada's Ryerson University found that brain scans show you actually sleep lighter and are more prone to disturbances when trying to sleep alongside someone. They also found that a tired brain is a cranky brain, so if your disagreements are spurred by exhaustion, your relationship may actually benefit from sleeping in separate beds.

In Sync

A study by the University of Pittsburgh found that happy couples hit the hay at the same time. The more you and your partner's sleep schedules match up, the happier your partnership tends to be.

Do you sleep facing each other, holding hands or back to back? Do you disagree and feel you have a happier relationship when you have your own space in bed? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook or Twitter



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