The secret to a great night's sleep

Sleep News August 2014

Don't lose sleep over your exam results

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Get 2 for 1 at Alton Towers with Silentnight - the secret to a great family day out

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Parents lose days of sleep over bedtime battles

According to a survey by market research company, OnePoll, parents lose up to eight days a year of sleep trying to get their kids to bed.

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Sleep drunkenness could affect as many as one in seven

Research recently published in the journal Neurology has suggested that one in seven Americans could be suffering from a worrying sleep condition classed as confusion arousal or 'sleep drunkenness'.

Completely different from morning tiredness, sleep drunkenness includes symptoms such as forgetfulness, brief mo-ments of confusion, personality changes and even violent behaviour upon sudden awakening. It is believed to affect around 15 percent of Americans.

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Could Yoga be the secret sleep remedy?

Lavender oil on your pillow, camomile tea and even taking melatonin supplements - you may think you've tried every-thing there is to get a good night's sleep, but have you considered yoga? A recent study from Harvard, found that peo-ple who practised yoga for eight weeks managed to drift off easily and had a better quality of sleep. 

Jillian Pransky, Director of the Restorative Yoga Teaching Training Programme for US Yoga Studio, YogaWorks, is confident that yoga can help people to relax and promote quality sleep, as well as aid the healing process. Jillian rec-ommends three effective yoga poses that are perfect for beginners:

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At Silentnight, we know the secret to a great night’s sleep

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