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Could you please send me a list of the memory foam mattresses starting with the softest and then med

Q : Could you please send me a list of the memory foam mattresses starting with the softest and then medium comfort, wherever you go on line there is never a guide to the comfort value, we actually live in Weston Super Mare, and there is no showrooms in our area to try out the softness of the mattress,


A : Key things to think about when you are buying are support, comfort and size. Most beds are available in firm, medium and soft ratings but these labels can vary from brand to brand. Comfort is very subjective. There are no universal standards of firmness in common usage in the UK. Because of this we don't give our beds a firmness rating like some manufacturers. Your main aim is to achieve good "posture" in bed. Too soft and your body will slouch - often leading to back pain - and too firm and you will cause discomfort at pressure points such as your hips and shoulder. Ideally the mattress should mould to the shape of your body while remaining supportive. When you lie on your side your spine should be horizontal and you should be able to turn easily.The heavier a person, the firmer the mattress has to be to provide adequate support. A person who sleeps on their stomach needs a firmer mattress than a person who is a side-sleeper. When sleeping on one's side, the mattress must be soft enough to allow the shoulders and hips to sink in enough to avoid pressure points.The memory foam used in our mattresses is the same throughout. The difference in feel comes from the additional filling combinations and spring systems.Miracoil 3 is the most popular sleep range in the UK. It gives you zoned support that loves your back, pressure relief for a perfect night's sleep, edge to edge support for extra sleep space and individual sleep zones for undisturbed sleep. Perfect if you or your partner don't have any particular sleep problems, prefer a medium to firm feel.Miracoil 7 is our advanced sleep range. It gives you all the benefits of our Miracoil 3, but has been enhanced to feature an extra sensitive support layer to provide more targeted support. With even more gentle cushioning around the shoulder and neck area, and more sensitive support around the hips, our Miracoil 7 beds offer luxurious comfort with ultimate support. Perfect if you or your partner prefer extra cushioning when you sleep on your side, love more luxurious comfort and support.To view the range of memory foam mattresses, which includes a general guide as to the firmness please click here.

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