The secret to a great night's sleep

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Is your pillow giving you nightmares?

Is your pillow giving you nightmares? Read our latest sleep news to discover the importance of looking after your pillow.

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Why sleeping naked may be good for you

Studies have been increasingly showing that sleeping in the nude is highly beneficial for a good nights sleep. Read our latest Sleep News piece to discover more.

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Clean sleeping: 2017's next big trend

Clean sleeping is set to be a big trend in 2017, but how can you join in with this peaceful process each evening?

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Hygee or Lagom? What are they and can they help to aid a better night's sleep?

With so many interior and lifestyle trends coming on to the scene, it can be confusing trying to work out which one you should follow. Take a look at two of the latest hypes here on Sleep News. 

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Is social media impacting your relationship?

Is social media impacting your relationship? Silentnight recently surveyed the nation to see how social media influenced your bedtime routines!

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7 Unusual Places to sleep around the world

Are you dreaming of your next holiday? Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our top destinations to wake up to!

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Can camping cure insomnia?

Recent news stories have highlighted the benefits of sleeping under the stars to help ease sleeping woes. Are there any benefits to this outdoor sleeping style though?

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The 3 different types of nap

Did you know there were three different types of nap? Take a look at your napping options with our Sleep Expert Dr Narina.

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Spring cleaning your bedroom

A clear bedroom is a clear mind. Take a look at our tips for decluttering your sanctuary and getting that perfect nights sleep with our Spring cleaning tips.

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At Silentnight, we know the secret to a great night’s sleep

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