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Your sleep is a postcode lottery... But does it affect your mental health?

We all know how dreadful we feel when we are tired and suffering from a sleepless night. But now our experts have warned the nation's 'sleep debt' could also be having a negative effect on our mental wellbeing. If you are sleeping less than six hours sleep per night, scientists believe you are more susceptible to anxiety or depression.

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Maximise the storage potential in your bedroom

For those with limited space in the bedroom, creating sufficient storage for clothes, shoes and accessories can seem like a bit of a challenge. 

But it needn't be.

With some creative thinking you can easily store everything you need and more!

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Listen up brides-to-be… Sleep expert reveals tips for best pre-wedding zzzs

Pre-wedding jitters may be stopping you from getting the full recommended eight hours, but as we know, beauty sleep is not a myth and no one wants tired eyes on such a big day.

Here Dr Nerina, shares her five top tips to help brides-to-be sleep well in the weeks before their wedding day.

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Five tweets that all sleep lovers can relate to

Ah, Twitter! It's amazing how a social platform can bring together so many people with a shared passion; and one topic that never fails to get people talking is sleep. Here are our top five tweets that all fellow sleep lovers will understand...

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47 precious minutes a day

This week, The Sun reported on how the average Brit only gets 47 minutes of peace and quiet a day. The research, which was conducted by British Gypsum, stated that 'six in 10 people think that the only time they enjoy complete silence is when they're in bed.' As it may be the most peaceful part of your day, it's important to make your bedtime routine as relaxing as possible. Meditation, essential oils and deep breathing are just some of the things that can calm your body and help you get a good, peaceful night's sleep.

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Three Winter bedroom trends

As the weather's getting colder and the morning's are turning darker, it may be time to give your bedroom a whole new look. Follow one of these trends to flow through Winter with style.

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Deep sleep: The best essential bath oils

Having a good night's sleep is amazing, you wake up feeling productive and motivated for the day ahead. But how can you induce a deep, relaxing sleep? If you follow the wonderful "bath, book and bed" bedtime routine, you will know how having a bath before bed does wonders for your sleep. Is there anything better than a candlelit, bubble bath? We think so. For a best, most deep sleep, we recommend adding a few drops of essential oils to your hot bath. We've listed a few of the best that you need to try!

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What do our dreams mean?

Whether it's a series of images or random events, or maybe something you were thinking about before you went to sleep, we wake up every morning wondering what on earth our dreams really meant. From unlocking memories to getting to grips with unresolved real life issues, there is no concrete evidence of why we dream of certain things.

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Would you pay £2,500 for an expert to potty train your child?

Potty training is a constant battle for parents. From bed wetting to smelly accidents, we would say it has to be one of the more laborious tasks of parenthood. 

One lady, Amanda Jenner, has offered her services in the press this week, claiming that she will potty train your child in just five days - for a hefty £2,000. 

But how does this crazy business work?


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