Meet our sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Meet our sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

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A physiologist, sleep therapist, author and consultant for more than 20 years, our resident sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan knows a thing or two about the secret to a great night's sleep.

From her work as a sleep therapist at Capio Nightingale Hospital in London, her book 'Tired but Wired' and her coaching programmes, seminars and workshops, Dr Nerina's sleep advice has revolutionised many lives.

She says: "We all know how important a good night's sleep is and the impact a lack of it seems to have on us all. It can have a detrimental effect on our work, health and relationships which is compounded by the stresses and strains of our daily lives. However, there are some essential tips we can all follow to help us get a great night's sleep."

We recruited Dr Nerina as our sleep expert to help even more people get a great night's sleep by sharing with you her practical and easy-to-follow lifestyle advice. From sleeping before an exam, wedding or early flight, to help for people who are sleeping too much - Dr Nerina is on hand to help with your sleep needs.

To get started, visit Dr Nerina's sleep toolkit page or ask her a question in our 'Ask Nerina' section. You can also keep up to date with daily sleep news and advice on via our Facebook page and on Twitter.

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