The Vogue Collection

Sleep better, wake up brighter. The Vogue range features Geltex inside - a gel infused comfort layer which has an open-celled structure that allows for greater airflow and more breathability. It also has a responsive profile that offers better bounce-back to assist easy-movement through the night - leaving you feeling fully-refreshed the next day.

The range gives you a choice of our Miracoil and Mirapocket zoned spring systems. Miracoil offers firmer support and less partner roll-together, while our Mirapocket spring system offers tailored comfort and has been scientifically proven to improve spinal alignment.


  • Spring system

  • Comfort Layers

  • Firmness Rating

  • Available Sizes

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Geltex Pocket 2000 Vogue

  • Mirapocket
  • Medium/Soft
  • 4cm Geltex

Geltex Pocket 1000 Vogue

  • Mirapocket
  • Medium
  • 4cm Geltex

Geltex Miracoil Vogue

  • Miracoil
  • Medium/Firm
  • 4cm Geltex
Geltex Ultra Panache Pod

Geltex Ultra 3000 Quantum

  • Mirapocket
  • Medium/Soft,Medium,Medium/Firm
  • Geltex

*Listed spring counts are based on a king size mattress (measuring 5ft x 6ft 6in /150cm x 200cm). The amount of springs will alter on a pro-rata basis dependent on mattress size.

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