Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket Spring Mattresses

Our unique Mirapocket (TM) advanced pocket spring system contains individual responsive springs, all housed in separate fabric pockets. Each spring absorbs and spreads your weight to give you zoned support and pressure relief for a comfortable night's sleep.

How it works

Did you know that the pressure on your spine during the day means you're up to 2cm shorter when you go to bed at night than you were when you woke up in the morning?

In order for our bodies to recover effectively, it's important that our spines are not under any stress while we sleep. Almost 50 per cent of our weight rests around our hip area when we lie flat, so this is the zone that needs the most support - while areas like our shoulders require more cushioning. 

By choosing the zoned support provided by our Mirapocket spring system technology, your spine has the opportunity to align correctly, reducing the pressures that can lead to aches, pains and long-term back problems.  


The Silentnight Pocket Spring Mattress Range

Pocket Spring Mattresses can be found in our exclusive Classics, Diamond and Select bed collections, available in-store and online from a range of leading bed specialists

The Diamond Collection

The luxurious beds that make up our Diamond Collection are hand crafted for total comfort and exceptional support, with sumptuous natural fillings and a selection of upholstered divan base fabric and co-ordinated headboard options. Take a look at our Diamond collection for more information:

2800 Latex Luxury

2000 Ortho Luxury

1400 Natural Luxury

The Select Collection

The Select Collection is exclusively available through carefully chosen online retailers, offering stylish and affordable beds in sizes ranging from Single to Super King Size. Offering an excellent balance of luxury and value for money, each bed is available with a choice of upholstered divan base fabric options and a variety of mattress comfort fillings.

Premier Pocket 1350

Premier Pocket 1850

Premier Pocket 2600

The Classics Collection

The Classics Collection is exclusively available through independent bed specialists, and represents over sixty years of bed building experience. Each bed features a range of space saving storage options, upholstered divan bases and headboards in a range of fabric colours and styles, plus probiotic materials to help keep dust mites and allergens at bay.

800 Classic Pocket

1000 Classic Pocket Memory

1200 Classic Pocket Luxury