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decorate your bedroom using ‘colour psychology’

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home, or your bedroom walls are just in need of some TLC, choosing a paint colour to decorate your bedroom with can be a daunting task. It’s a big decision, and rightly so – as it can have a big impact on the way you feel when you wake up in the morning. We’ve teamed up with Crown Paints to get their Colour Specialist, Kathryn Lloyd’s expert advice. Check out her top tips below:

in a home, colour can have a huge influence on how we feel

The visible spectrum of light corresponds to a wavelength range of about 400-700 nanometres (nm) and a colour range of violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. There are many well-known theories surrounding colour psychology and how certain colours have been shown to evoke specific physical and psychological responses in our bodies, however, although colour can indeed influence a person’s behaviour, these responses are likely to differ between individuals.

colour can also promote a specific atmosphere

As well as using colour to influence behaviour, used well, colour can also promote a specific atmosphere. Warm colours can make a space feel more welcoming and warmer while cool colours have the opposite effect and alter our perception of the temperature of a space and make it feel cooler.

bright, warm colours tend to make objects appear closer and larger

Considerations also need to be paid to the dimensions of the space and the objects that colour will be applied to. Bright, warm colours tend to make objects appear closer and larger. Dark colours have the effect of making objects look smaller but heavier. When used on the walls, light colours seem to expand the boundaries of a space while darker colours can make a space feel closed in. When considering the colours to use for a space, it’s important to consider all of these factors as the final colour choice will help shape the feeling, appearance and atmosphere of a room.

when choosing a paint colour, it’s best to view it in the light it will be seen

Colour both affects and is affected by its surroundings and the colours in it and it is also affected by the type of light that falls on it. This is easy to detect when observing an interior space with lots of natural light. In an East facing room colours look very different in the morning (when the room receives direct light) to the afternoon when the room only receives reflected daylight. North facing rooms are illuminated only by reflected daylight and this projects a cool grey colour cast. South facing rooms benefit from the glow of afternoon sunlight which projects a warm yellow colour cast. In the same way, the type and colour temperature of the bulbs in artificial lighting make a huge difference to the way colour is rendered within a space.

We hope these tips from the experts at Crown Paints will help you choose the perfect colour for your sleep sanctuary. If you need any more help on refreshing your bedroom, check out our blog post on Tips for a minimalist bedroom.

Author - Liz Tabron

Liz Tabron

Liz has over 7 years' experience in writing lifestyle, home, health, and eco content. Liz's mission is to make accessible our expert team's knowledge.