Your perfect bed

At Silentnight we know that what's comfortable for one person may not be comfortable to another; because we understand no two individuals are the same.

Our ambition and goal is not merely as a manufacturer but to act as providers of the perfect sleep. Silentnight bed and mattress range are designed for all different comfort levels, so it just comes down to choosing the right bed for you.

What makes our mattresses so comfortable?

Comfort isn't a single factor that you choose (otherwise we'd all just choose the 'comfiest' option). No, the secret to comfort is in lots of different aspects of your mattress all working in harmony with your body; to make you feel relaxed, take the weight off your joints, and prevent you overheating. It starts with sizing your bed to give you as much sleep space as possible.

Choosing your spring system

Miracoil Diagram

Our exclusive Miracoil (TM) technology is made from one continuous length of wire, wound into hundreds of springs that distribute your weight evenly; much more effectively than a standard mattress spring system.

Miracoil mattresses offer head to toe spring alignment which minimises partner disturbance because weight is transferred up and down, rather than across the mattress preventing roll-together and relieves the pressure on the most painful parts of your body, like your lower back and shoulders and the edge to edge springs ensure you are supported across the whole area of the mattress and don't roll off.

Mirapocket DiagramOur other exclusive technology Mirapocket (TM) which contains individual responsive springs, all housed in seperate fabric pockets. Each spring absorbs and spreads your weight to give you zoned support and pressure relief for a comfortable night's sleep.

Benefits of using Silentnight spring systems

Zoned support for perfect spinal alignment

Did you know that the pressure put on your spine during the day means you're up to 2cm shorter when you go to bed at night?

It is important that our spines are not under any stress when we sleep in order to recover effectively. Nearly 50% of our weight is in our hip zone when we lie flat, so it's this area that needs more support, and areas like our shoulders that need more cushioning.

By choosing zoned support created through our Miracoil and Mirapocket spring system technology, your spine is allowed to align correctly and reduces pressures that lead to aches and pains.

Zone Support

Pressure relief for a comfortable

Tossing and turning, aches and pains, waking up with parts of your body numb?

Its important you are comfortable while you sleep but certain areas like the shoulders and hips can experience pressure build up. Our unique Miracoil and Mirapocket spring systems are designed to spread body weight  evenly, so there are no uncomfortable pressure hotspots and you get an undisturbed night's sleep.


Choose your mattress comfort filling

Choose from our selection of comfort fillings to help find your perfect sleep solution.

Woman Sleeping

Did you know 52% of people complain of being too hot in bed?

Our range of smart fibres such as EcoComfort (TM) is scientifically proven to prevent you from overheating, they allow the mattress to breathe, leaving your body at a comfortable temperature all year round as overheating in bed can prevent you from having a great night's sleep.

We also have a range of beds with natural breathable fillings including silk, lamb's wool, cashmere allowing air to move freely between the fibres to prevent overheating and creating the ultimate luxury feel.

Do you toss and turn through the night?

Silentnight range of mattresses with body moulding memory foam or Innergetic Latex are perfect for restless sleepers. These comfort layers allow you to move freely through the night resulting in you being less likely to wake up by turning over.

Our responsive body moulding memory foam spreads your weight to offer the ultimate support rather than allowing you to sink and recovers quickly allowing you to move freely through the night to offer pressure relief without loss of movement.

Our exclusive Innergetic Latex contains thousands of tiny bubbles creating a unique elasticity that adds a natural bounce to the mattress and soft pressure relief for your joints for ease of movement.

Keep allergies at bay


To enjoy deep sleep, our body temperature needs to fall during the night. The heat generated from being too hot in bed generates moisture which can cause dust mites.

Purotex treated to reduce moisture and dust-mite allergens to create a drier, fresher and all-round healthier mattress, with Allergy UK seal of approval.

Each yarn of fabric has tiny microcapsules on it and every time you use the mattress the capsules burst absorbing moisture on the mattress, preventing harmful bacteria and mould developing and therefore eliminating dust-mites.

What sets our beds apart?

The secret to a great bed doesn't just lie in the mattress though. We know that you need a bed that's practical and complements the rest of your room too, so if you add a base and headboard to your Silentnight bed, there's plenty of options to choose from;

Family Bed

Ace of bases

Match your divan base to the look of your bedroom. Choose between  'sprung base' or 'solid platform base' in a wide range of styles and fabrics.

  • Solid platform base for firmer support
  • Sprung base for a more responsive softer fee

Base Type

Maximise your sleep space

Just like every body is different, every bedroom is different too. And we all have different needs for storage in them. Choose from a range of space-saving storage options that keep your room tidy and accessible, including innovative 2-drawer and 4-drawer designs with an option to leave room for a bedside table.


Co-ordinate the look

To complete the look of your stunning new bed, these ranges include upholstered divan bases and headboards, in a selection of beautiful soft woven fabrics.

Peace of mind 

We're confident that our beds and mattresses will provide you with a great night's sleep. You can sleep soundly knowing that all our mattresses, upholstered bases and headboards are made in the UK.Silentnight is a full member of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) - showing full commitment to social, economic and environmental sustainability across our business. Icon Set