The secret to a great night's sleep

Learn how to power nap

Power naps can help to rejuvenate you during the day - giving you more energy to live a fulfilled life. The most important thing to remember is that a power nap is not sleeping - I define it as follows: "A power nap is 10-20 minutes in which you will be aware of thoughts, noises and sensations but at the same time will be in a deep state of relaxation - not asleep but not awake."

The best time to power nap is during the day if you start to feel sleepy or find yourself losing concentration. Many people have a natural dip in energy levels around 3pm - making it the ideal time for a power nap.

Step 1 - get comfortable, but not too comfortable. You can power nap on the sofa, in the car, or even on the floor. Find somewhere where you can physically and mentally relax

Step 2 - set an alarm for 10-20 mins or ask someone to rouse you

Step 3 - close your eyes and become aware of your breathing … slow it down. You will be aware of external sounds and your thoughts but keep focusing on your breathing

Step 4 - feel yourself sinking deeper into relaxation with every breath that you take

Step 5 - when your alarm goes off rouse yourself gently, slowly open your eyes. After 2-3 minutes you should feel more energised

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