The secret to a great night's sleep

Have YOU been infected by the Zzzombie virus?

Research carried out by Silentnight suggests that the UK is turning into a nation of sleep-deprived zombies!

In our Sleep Survey¹, 22.6% of adults questioned agreed with the statement that lack of sleep was making them 'feel like a zombie'.  Statistics from the survey backed up previous conclusions that 35 million² people across the country would admit to feeling 'shattered', with zero lust for life.

So are YOU a sleep-deprived Zzzombie? Just for fun, we've come up with a brief guide to the most common types of these unfortunate beings.

World War Zzzzzz 6

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¹A Good Night's Sleep: research carried out by Silentnight in May 2012. Sample: 1,230 UK Adults.
²Omnibus survey conducted by Silentnight in 2008.

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