The secret to a great night's sleep


One of the most important elements of a restful night's sleep is making sure that you have the right mattress.  At Silentnight we pride ourselves on producing durable, supportive mattresses for all bed and body types, built to the highest quality and rigorously tested to ensure total comfort all night long.

What makes a good mattress? The secret to sleep comfort lies in the different elements of your mattress all working in harmony with your body.  At Silentnight we utilise targeted support and pressure relieving fillings to create strong, durable mattresses that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

At Silentnight we understand that what's comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another.  Because our bodies come in many different shapes and sizes, the kind of support we need while sleeping can vary considerably.

Silentnight mattresses are designed to offer support for all ages and body types - it just comes down to choosing the right style for your needs.  Our selection of unique spring systems include exclusive Miracoil and Mirapocket, offering zoned support and an even body weight spread.

Silentnight Mattress Range

At Silentnight we offer an extensive range of mattresses in sizes from single to double to super king.  If you're replacing an old mattress, be sure to check with your supplier to ensure that you get the right sized mattress for your divan or bedstead.

Memory foam mattresses

Silentnight memory foam mattresses are designed with responsive body moulding memory foam that spreads your weight to offer the ultimate support rather than allowing you to sink.  Quick shape recovery allows you freedom of movement through the night for healthy pressure relief without any loss of comfort.

We offer a range of memory foam products, including rolled memory foam mattresses for ultimate comfort and convenience on the go. Be sure to ask about our memory foam mattress options when you purchase you bed. 


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