The secret to a great night's sleep

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Miracoil® & Mirapocket®

Silentnight's unique and exclusive spring system


Even though people come in all shapes and sizes this clever spring system - exclusive to Silentnight - unlike ordinary springs that are circular, has it's own unique shape that spreads your weight evenly across the bed relieving the pressure on the most painful part of your body such as your lower back.

Miracoil mattress bisection

Rolling Hippo

The benefits of Miracoil® Spring System

  • Zone support for perfect spinal alignment
  • Pressure relief for a comfortable night's sleep
  • Less partner disturbance
  • No roll-together
  • Miracoil is available in our Classics Collection.


Mirapocket® is a luxurious pocket spring system that offers you superior comfort, night after night.  Each mattress contains individual small springs which are housed in their own separate fabric pockets.  Each spring helps to spread your weight evenly across the bed providing the perfect firm support and comfort that is second to none.

Pure Pocket mattress bisection

Dual Srung
Dual Sprung mattress bisection

Dual Sprung Mirapocket
Dual Sprung Mirapocket

The benefits of Mirapocket®

  • Advanced pocket spring system for luxurious comfort
  • Individual responsive springs provide zone support
  • Edge to edge springs for maximum sleep space
  • Mirapocket is available in our Diamond Collection.